Chicken Livers

Yes, I know what you might be thinking…Chicken Livers?! Before you scrap this idea instantly you should know this has been a Christmas Brunch staple in the Schwalbenberg household for years and years. I must admit that it took me several Christmases before I attempted to participate in savoring these Christmas Day delicacies. However, this year my Mom actually contemplated scrapping this dish for Christmas Day and we all gasped in horror! While it’s become an acquired taste over the years it’s complete tradition and I couldn’t imagine waking up on Christmas morning and having brunch all together as a family without it. I encourage you to try it, you never know…this salty, bacon flavored treat could become a new tradition on your Christmas table!

1/2 pound bacon
1 pound chicken livers
dry red wine
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper

The night before (or a few hours before) I suggest to pat the chicken livers dry and trim excess fat and sinew. Place chicken livers in shallow container and cover with dry red wine to marinate. After allowing to marinate overnight (or for a few hours) dredge the chicken livers in seasoned flour (add some salt and pepper to roughly  1/2 cup flour).

Cut bacon slices in half.  Wrap each chicken liver in halved slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.  Repeat until all chicken livers have been prepared. Set oven on broil. Place livers on baking sheet (lined with foil) and broil 6-8 minutes on each side. Remove and serve hot.